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About Us

Meet Gina Allen, owner and creator of Relax Essentials. Gina is keenly aware of the difference between pure, standardized products and those that make big promises but either don’t deliver or do more harm than good. Her inspiration to create a new line of entirely healthy skincare products inspired her to create a unique skincare line. The result is pure beauty power, direct from natures bounty and elevated with a healthy dose of CBD and lots of love. 

About Us
Rock Balancing

Relax you're in good hands 

We're passionate about healthy lifestyles and the unparralled type of beauty that begins to bloom deep inside. We created Relax Essentials to provide spas, conscious customers and our own families with pure and nourishing skincare products that are infused with hemp derived cbd, vitamin c, and organic botanicals that are carefully blended to deliver the most beautiful results. No harsh ingredients, nothing but goodness. 

Our Ingredients 

Relax Essentials only uses the most luxurious ingredients in our products. Each ingredient has been hand picked to create the best formulation even without  CBD. 

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