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  • What is CBD?
    CBD (or Cannabidiol) is one of 100 active compounds found in the cannabis plant and is known for its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System when ingested.
  • What's the Endocannabinoid System and what does it support?
    The Endocannabinoid System helps the body maintain balance, by communicating with and supporting other biological systems in the body. The system regulates and balances a variety of different responses in the body including but not limited to stress, appetite, mood, energy, skin function, metabolism, sensation, and more.
  • How does the Endocannabinoid System support skin function?
    The skin contains cannabinoid receptors, cannabinoid synthesis and degradation enzymes that certain studies suggest can affect functions in various parts of the skin, including Epidermis- skin barrier/protection, health and appearance. Sensory Nerves- sensations; Immune Cells- immune response; Sebaceous Glands- Sebum production; Hair follicles- Hair loss, growth, maintenance; Sweat Glands- sweat production.
  • Can CBD get you high?
    No! CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid.
  • Will the CBD in your products show up in a drug test?
    Drug tests vary as to what compounds are being analyzed, so we are unable to make claims or guarantees regarding use of our products and drug tests.
  • What is the difference between Hemp Extract and Hemp Seed Oil?
    Hemp Seed Oil requires pressing hemp seeds only to extract the oil and contains no cannabinoids where as Hemp Extract is derived from the flowers, leaves, and buds.
  • Are your products tested?
    Yes! All Relax Essentials products are tested for quality and consistency. You can view finished product test results on our products page. If you have any questions about lab reports, please contact us via email at
  • How do I ensure product quality?
    Relax Essentials products receive extensive third party testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that each product is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants, and residual solvents. Our products consist of whole plant formulas that are derived from carefully selected hemp cultivated in the USA. All our products and tested and traceable on our website. For any questions please email us at
  • Where can I find your third party test results?
    Please see our products page for information. If you have any questions about our third party testing results or how to read them please email us at
  • What is the recommended amount of tincture I should use?
    Please check our product page for recommended usage.
  • I am pregnant- can I use your products?
    Please consult a physician before using our products if you're pregnant.
  • Can I use your products if I have a medical condition?
    Please consult your physician before using our products if you have a medical condition.
  • Can I use your products if taking prescription medication?
    Please consult a physician before using our products if you're taking prescription medication.
  • What is the recommended amount of moisturizer?
    Please check our product page for recommended usage.
  • What is the recommended amount of cleanser?
    Please check our product page for recommended usage.
  • Are your products tested on animals?
    No! Relax Essentials products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free.
  • Are your products cruelty free and what does that mean?
    Yes! Relax Essentials products are cruelty free which means that our finished product is not tested on animals.
  • Do your products contain any additives or fillers?
    Relax Essentials products are formulated without: * Parabens * Sulfates ( SLS and SLES) * Formaldehyde * Synthetic Dyes * Phthalates * Mineral Oil * Propylene Glycol
  • What is the shelf life of your product?
    Check your product packaging for an expiration date.
  • How should I store your products?
    All products should be stored at room temperature ( not higher than 78 Fahrenheit).
  • Are your products safe for children?
    Our products are intended for adults 21 and over.
  • What is a tincture and how do you use it?
    Relax Essentials tincture is a liquid extract that is taken orally. It can also be added to your favorite products ie. drinks.
  • Where do you ship your products to?
    We currently ship to numerous states in the US. We do not ship internationally.
  • Can I make a change to an order I just placed?
    To make any changes to your order please email us at immediately with any requests.
  • How long will it take to receive an order?
    Free Standard Shipping usually takes 1-10 business days depending on your location. Standard Shipping orders are processed 48-72 hours of receipt Monday- Friday. Orders received after 12pm on Friday and on weekends will be processed the following Monday. See Shipping Policy for details.
  • Do you offer Express Shipping?
    Yes! We offer 1 and 2 day express shipping via Federal Express. See Shipping Policy for details.
  • What are shipping costs?
    We offer Free Standard Shipping on all our products. Shipping is offered via UPS, USPS, and/or Fedex and takes 1-10 business days, depending on location. Express shipping is available via FedEx (overnight or 2 business days). Express shipping charges are based on your location and will be calculated and presented during checkout.
  • Can I ship to a PO Box?
    All orders must be shipped to a physical address. For orders over $100, we require a signature for delivery, so a physical address where someone will be available to receive and sign for the package is required.
  • I have not received my order, what can I do?
    Email us at
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